MATELAS CONFORT was born from a simple observation ...
The Yoyo stroller, although very pretty and practical, has a thin hammock and therefore too firm for infants.

What is COMFORT MATTRESS made of?

The MATELAS CONFORT envelope is made from Oeko-Tex® certified cotton. It is padded with kapok, a 100% natural fiber.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

What is kapok?

Kapok is a plant fiber obtained from the fruits of several trees of the Bombacaceae family. Very light, this fiber is completely waterproof and rot-proof.

What is the Oeko-Tex ® certification?

The Oeko-Tex ® certification aims to guarantee the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles. As soon as a textile product undergoes further processing or a change in its chemical composition occurs, control is necessary. This certification has been valid worldwide since 1992.


How to maintain COMFORT MATTRESS?
In the event of soiling, simply rub the mattress cover with a damp cloth or brush.
It is strongly recommended not to machine wash COMFORT MATTRESSES. Indeed, the mattress being made of kapok, an impermeable fiber, it would absorb a very large amount of water and would take several days to dry. In addition, the padding could wander. Finally, this natural fiber, without treatment, is by nature of a yellow color which could rub off on the fabric.
Can we return it COMFORT MATTRESS?
Absolutely, MATELAS CONFORT can be used from either side.
What is the hood for?
In winter, the hood keeps baby's head away from drafts. In summer, you can leave the hood in place as the kapok is an insulating fiber, which does not keep you hot. However, you can very well turn the hood under the mattress. It serves as a small cushion.
Does COMFORT MATTRESS fit on the Yoyo 6+?
No, it was not designed for the Yoyo 6+.